Always & Forever Treasure Box


Discover unlimited creativity with the Always & Forever Glitter Treasure Box! 12 glitter concentrates in a sleek, airtight case make for a mess-free, professional glitz experience. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to the ultimate HOLY GRAIL of glitter – ignite your creativity now!


DIRECTIONS: Use fingers or silicone brush to apply product on face, eyes, hair, and body. Tap for smooth application, use brush for precise details. Tap down glitter for flat appearance. For best results, use finger gloves or hand gloves. For glitter liner or shapes, shape with flat brush or clean spoolie/brush.


Our budge-proof formula formula dries down completely and stays put all day!

"Add shimmer gradually, drying between layers. Clean your brush/finger to avoid build-up and makeup removal. Create subtle or full coverage."

For longer wear, use an eyeshadow primer under your makeup when wearing our glitter gels. This can also be helpful for preventing creasing, especially for oily skin.


For easy glitter removal, use micellar water and a cotton pad. Biodegradable glitter can be washed off with just water, while non-biodegradable glitter should be avoided in waterways and can be removed with micellar water, a spoolie, tape, or a lint roller. Avoid using makeup wipes to prevent creating waste and spreading glitter.


STORAGE: Store glitter gels in cool, dry place, tightly closed when not in use. Shelf life is around 24 months, but may dry out sooner (around 12 months) if unused or exposed to heat/sunlight. To revive, add small amount of aloe vera gel (temporary solution). Note: aloe gel may also contribute to drying out product.



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