Kiss Me | Limited Edition St. Pattie's Day Chunky HD Glitter


KISS ME | Limited Edition St. Paddy's Day Chunky Glitter 

-Apply a thin even layer of glitter adhesive
-Dab the glitter on over the adhesive, pick up more glitter as needed 
-Gently remove with water/makeup remover

*This Product is Vegan and Cruelty Free.

Net Weight:  5g

Ingredients: Loose Cosmetic Glitter, Acrylic Polymer (PET Film)


Cosmetic glitter is not fda approved for use around the eyes. This glitter is a chunky glitter therefore is not recommended to use around the eyes. Even though people in the beauty community use chunky glitters a lot, we still advise using with caution & at your own discretion.

Made in USA




Cosmetic Glitter is NOT FDA approved for use in or around the Eyes. This glitter is a Chunky glitter therefore is not recommended to use around the eyes. Even though we see people use chunky glitters a lot, we still advise using with caution & at your own discretion.

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