Peppermint Candy

❤️Peppermint Candy❤️
🍥Twist & Pout
🍥Winter Wonderland
🍥Mint 4 U
🍥Guilty Pleasure
🍥Peppermint Candy
🍥Addicted 2 U
🍥Dream Station
🍥Sweet Success
🍥Afternoon Treat
🍥Sugar Land
#vegan #crueltyfree 

How To Apply The Glitters:

For best application we recommend using an angled liner brush that way you can easily scoop the glitter out of the pan and apply it directly to the area you would like to cover with full opacity. For even more coverage, you can use the NYX glitter primer right before applying the glitter and this will enhance not only glitter but shimmers as well. 


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